Loopit is a design feedback environment that facilitates communication between the client and the advertising agency and makes intra-agency communication more efficient.

Normally, the agency sends project designs to the client by e-mail, but Loopit allows the agency to upload the design to a special environment, where both the client and the project team can leave their comments.

This simplifies the work of the designer and accelerates interaction between the agency and the client. In addition the Loopit environment makes it much easier for the creative team to justify the nuances of the design to the client.


Feedback on the design becomes more manageable, because the Loopit environment allows writing comments and feedback on the design, so that the feedback giver and recipient see eye to eye.

Communication problems between the project team and the client will disappear, since the client can give feedback directly to the design. Problems with e-mailing very large files will also be history.

The amount of e-mails is significantly reduced, as the project team does not give e-mail feedback. Instead, they write their comments on the design, so there is no fear that a remark remains unnoticed.

Work efficiency increases as the project manager, the project team and the client will save the time that would otherwise be spent on e-mail exchanges and grasping feedback.

Loopit is secure cloud-based software, which can be hired at the cost of € 30 per month. The monthly fee includes 5 user licenses. Each additional license costs 2 € per month.